Funky video: CHICAGO BOP BOP BOP with Johnny Westmoreland


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The making of EBOLA The Series

Acting is funActing is fun

All you gotta do is sleep

All you gotta do is sleep convincingly

Colonel scene

Colonel setting the pace

Director Peggy Kankonde

Director Peggy Kankonde behind the camera


Midwestern jungle setting


EBOLA Movie poster snippet

ebola thumbnail 250 200

Sleepy town

Fun practice

Practicing lines with tea set

Pool time for one

A dip in the pool for one lucky one!

Reporter golf cart

Chicago reporter on the golf course

Roxanna Warner makes tea

Roxanna Warner preparing tea for all

Twice daily active monitoring

Twice daily active monitoring, the quarantine mantra!

What is EBOLA The Series?

EBOLA was entirely imagined and written by me, a Doctor’s wife, as I was accompanying him in his hospital rounds and during his own complex medical treatment process. I spent every moment of waiting time in the Emergency Room, Intensive Care Unit, hospital wards, hallways and innumerable physicians’ waiting rooms and plasma labs developing my scenario.

EBOLA is a fast paced adventure film series exposing the risk of infectious diseases, the values and challenges of friendship, survival skills, hardship, character growth, law enforcement, disease control, triangulation of ego, family and friends, and career choices versus volunteering.

After their mission in Africa, three Ebola health care volunteers find themselves fenced inside an abandoned forest parcel on quarantine orders from highest authority. Their total seclusion is endangered by ignorant paparazzi and popular protest of small town Indiana, and life in the great outdoors challenges their safety and health in more than one way. Will the bond with their locked-out loved ones be strong enough to endure Ebola and its consequences?

The action rotates around urban, natural and high-tech life environments where personal freedom is threatened for the sake of greater good for all. The natural course of events reveals basic tips for first aid and health care, accident prevention, smart eating and an active lifestyle. The global adventurers of our film series heatedly debate the use of tobacco, alcohol and recreational drugs, bullying, blackmailing and trafficking.


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